Emergency aid for civil war victims

04 June, 2018 [Global Care]

Yemen has for many years been regarded as one of the Middle East’s poorest countries, but the current war has dramatically worsened the situation. Now Knorr-Bremse Global Care has donated €50,000 to Save the Children to support aid measures on the ground.

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  • © Save the Children Deutschland e.V.

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“This is the world’s worst humanitarian disaster and yet hardly anyone is talking about it,” says Susanna Krüger, Managing Director of Save the Children Deutschland, who recently spent a week in Yemen looking at the situation for herself.

In the fall of 2014, Houthi rebels – a Shiite group in Yemen – took over control of the capital Sanaa and deposed the government. The replacement government set up by the Houthis has not been recognised internationally, and a military alliance under the leadership of Saudi Arabia has been flying bombing raids on the rebel-held areas. In addition to air raids, the alliance is also operating sea blockades.

This has caused huge suffering among the civilian population, as many hospitals and residential areas have been destroyed, and vital food and medical supplies cannot reach the country. “At times we are being refused permission to bring vaccines and medicines into the country. Many people are dying because the supplies are being held up at the border,” says Susanna Krüger.

The ongoing air raids and blockades mean that over 22 million people – 76% of the total population – have to rely on humanitarian aid. Amongst the sufferers are 11 million children, with 400,000 infants below the age of five now seriously undernourished.

The precarious humanitarian situation in Yemen has prompted Knorr-Bremse Global Care to donate €50,000 to its long-standing partner Save the Children. Since 2015, aid from this organisation has already reached some 3 million people, and in 2017 alone, almost a million of those in need were helped. Reconstruction of almost 100 medical facilities has now made it possible for medical aid to reach more of the population.

The donation from Global Care will enable these aid measures to be extended. In addition to distribution of food and medicine, particularly to pregnant women, nursing mothers and children, child-friendly spaces are also being created, in which traumatised children can receive pedagogical and psychological care. The donation will also enable more hygiene training to take place in order to reduce the number of cases of cholera. The measures will enable Save the Children to reach more than 500 families.


© Save the Children Deutschland e.V. 

© Save the Children Deutschland e.V. 

© Save the Children e.V.